Quantum Computing

  1. The Basics
    Covered in many meetings over the last year
    References: The “Old Notes”

  2. Quantum Teleportation
    Tina presented this (for the 2nd time) on 21 May 2017
    References: The “Old Notes” – Starting on page 61.

  3. The Density Matrix, Measuring Entanglement
    Meetings: 11 Dec 2016, 12 Feb 2017, 26 Feb 2017
    References: The “New Notes”

  4. Grover’s Algorithm
    Meeting on 9 April 2017
    References: Emma Strubell’s Notes – Starting on page 20.

  5. Superdense Coding
    (Tentatively scheduled for 20 Aug 17)
    References: Nielsen and Chuang – Starting on page 97.

  6. (TBD) The Mach-Zehnder interferometer and its relationship to quantum circuits

Quantum Mechanics

  1. Basic facts about the Schrödinger equation
    Covered on 9 July 2017
    References: Any quantum mechanics textbook.

  2. The transition from discrete to continuous vector spaces
    Meeting on 23 July 2017
    References: (None so far, unfortunately.)

  3. Some basic solutions to the Schrödinger equation
    • (TBD) Infinite Well
    • (TBD) Finite Step
    • (TBD) Review of the Classical Oscillator
    • (TBD) Harmonic Oscillator

  4. (1st introduction to) Interpretations of Quantum Theory
    • (TBD) The “textbook” interpretation
    • (TBD) Problems:
      – The ontological status of the quantum state
      – The measurement problem
      – The “locality” debate

    • Interpretations
      – (TBD) Everett
      – (TBD) Pilot Wave (de Broglie / Bohm)
      – (TBD) The “no interpretation” interpretation
      – (TBD) Others

Weird quantum scenarios

  1. (TBD) The Zeno and Inverse Zeno effects
  2. (TBD) The Delayed Choice experiment
  3. (TBD) The Elitzur–Vaidman bomb tester
  4. (TBD) The Double Slit experiment

Special Relativity

General Relativity

Quantum Aspects of Life