Meetings 2021

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If you haven’t attended these meetings before, you may need to email Mike in order to get the information needed to join: msg2mw (at)

July 2021: We are going to be on break for a while. Likely for the rest of the summer. With luck Tina and I will have relocated to BC by sometime in the fall and we’ll have enough bandwidth to get started again. The presentations, by both Matthew and Wayne this year, provide a wonderful resource for getting a foothold in the book (and in the “beginnings” of QFT). I can imagine that it might be worthwhile to have a few meetings at some point where anyone who’s trying to get through this material gets together and compares notes. In the meantime, if anyone has anything they want to present, just email me and I’ll get it on the calendar. -Mike

Past Meetings

Sunday July 11th: Wayne presented the Hubbard Model, which concludes Chapter 4

Sunday July 4th: Making 2nd Quantization Work V

Sunday June 27th: Making 2nd Quantization Work IV

Sunday June 6th: Making 2nd Quantization Work III

Sunday May 30th: Making 2nd Quantization Work II

Wayne will continue on Chapter 4.

Sunday May 23rd: Making 2nd Quantization Work

Wayne will continue where Matthew left off in Chapter 3.

Sunday May 16th: Group Social

It’s been a while since we’ve gotten together just to chat. So let’s do that today. This Sunday would be a good time to say “hello” if you haven’t been coming to the somewhat-more-difficult lectures during the past few weeks.

Sunday May 9th: Quantum Field Theory – Occupation number representation I

Today Matthew will start on chapter 3: Occupation number representation.

Sunday May 2nd: The Quantum Oscillator – Algebraic method II

Sunday April 25th: The Quantum Oscillator – Algebraic method I

Sunday April 18th: The Quantum Oscillator – Power series method II

Sunday April 11th: The Quantum Oscillator – Power series method I

Today Matthew will start on the quantum version of the harmonic oscillator.

Sunday March 7th: Multiple Classical Ocillators III

Sunday February 28th: Multiple Classical Ocillators II

Sunday February 21st: Multiple Classical Oscillators I

Sunday February 14th: No Meeting

Sunday February 7th: The Classical Harmonic Oscillator, Part III

Sunday January 31st: The Classical Harmonic Oscillator, Part II

Sunday January 24th: The Classical Harmonic Oscillator, Part I

Sunday January 10th: No topic but we will meet

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