Meetings 2023

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Sunday July 16th – Public Meeting

Zoom Link:
Note that this is NOT our usual link.

Get together to catch up and possibly meet new members. This will be a public meeting, posted in both the Vancouver and Portland groups. No particular topic. Basically a social event.

April 23rd: GHZ and Reality

April 9th – NO MEETING

Sunday March 19: Q&A Session

Sunday March 12th: Review Session
Don’t forget the clocks go forward today!

Sunday March 5th: 2023 Quantum Theory Kickoff

We’re getting ready to start our 2023 series on Quantum Theory. This will hopefully include some topics on “interpretations” (that is, what does quantum physics say about the nature of the world we inhabit). For example, we’ll be discussing the non-locality question: Does quantum physics imply that there is some kind of “action at a distance?”

If you plan to participate, please take a look at:

There is homework to do before the meeting!

Sunday Feb 26th: Fermat’s little theorem, continued

Sunday Feb 19th: Equipment Test

We’ve got some new equipment that we need to test out with Zoom. Everything works OK locally, but things often look different online. So if anyone is available to help us out with this, please join in this afternoon.

Tina and Mike

Sunday Feb 12th: Fermat’s little theorem

Sunday February 5th: The Physics Cafe Website

Sunday January 29th: Factoring into Primes

Sunday January 22nd: Quotient Rings

Sunday January 15th: Principal vs Non-principal Ideals